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Digitalization & Digital Transformation
In the age of digital disruption, digitization and automation are reaching a tipping point. Consumer behaviors are shifting while competition is intensifying from all angles. Not to mention that the modern workforce management has become increasingly mobile. Businesses not only need to maximize revenue but also to minimize costs. Anything done in the paper is now considered a setback. Companies are forced to reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Employing deep vertical industry expertise, we help your organization to:
Develop an outcome-driven digital transformation strategy where your ideas are brought to life using our best-in-class consulting practices.
Push the innovative possibilities of your business beyond common limitations and help you go with the flow of disruption smoothly.
Assist you to define what you can do with digital today and how it will shape your advantage years from now.
Adopt leading-edge technology strategies, shift your competition, raise positive reaction from your customers, and transform your costs.
Quality & IT Service
Management Improvement
Satisfied customers come from your ability to deliver certainty and to exceed their expectations, resulting in increased revenue, undivided loyalty, and favorable word-of-mouth for your business. To give your customers an extra sense of certainty, our Quality Management Improvement and IT Service Management Improvement allow you to:
Constantly produce high-quality products in a predictable manner and achieve maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest overall cost with Quality Management System.
Sustain service delivery superbness with IT Service Management System offering a seamless IT operation that reacts better to your business needs and minimizes IT incidents.
Operate your systems under a measurable level of effectiveness and continuous improvement over time.
Communicate the globally recognized standards and practices (CMMI, ISO 9001, TL 9000, and ISO 20000) to your customers with minimal marketing effort.
Information Security
Management Improvement
Information security is the key factor contributing to the trust that your clients, partners, and stakeholders place in your business. Undoubtedly, there are countless threats to the privacy of your business-critical information. To mitigate such risks, we assist clients to implement Information Security Management System and become ISO 27001:2013 certified organization. Using best practices derived from a proven track record of working with high-profile clients, we:
Offer an organization-wide protection system that responds effectively to evolving security threats, while making your data accessible and manageable to authorized persons.
Protect all forms of information, including digital, paper-based, intellectual property and personal information.
Reduce costs associated with unsystematically added layers of defensive technology that might not work.
Provide a centrally managed framework for keeping your organization’s information safe and managing it all in one place.
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